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What We Tailor?

Custom Software Development

Established business or a startup, we are ready and equipped to assist you creating the software. Our team will support you from conceptualization, development to maintenance.

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Web Application Development

Our engineers are vastly experienced in developing Web Applications. Whether you need customized web apps developed from scratch, or need to adapt existing ones, we can help. Please read more

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Mobile Application Development

MIcroDreamIT builds native, hybrid, and cross-platform apps that run on both Android and iOS. We build mobile apps for business solution, entertainment, news and so on. Please read more

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Dedicated Development Center

We can join your team to work together to achieve the same goal as you. We have total control over SVN and Atlassian Jira to attain maximum output from both end. Please read more detail

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Key Tech Expertise

  • HTML5

  • PHP

  • SASS



MicrodreamIT offers a team of web, mobile, and usability experts who are proficient in the technologies that power the modern web. Our engineers will ensure your website or HTML5 app works fast and looks great across a variety of devices — no matter the screen size or resolution.
We are also the creator of shapecss Its a vast flexible and super front-end framework ever.


Highly qualified HTML5 professionals


successfully delivered projects


years of experience per team member

MicroDreamIT's PHP team brings together seasoned software engineers — including Laravel developers — who are well-versed in a wide variety of verticals and business domains. Our particular strengths are e-Commerce, CMS, RMS development, management software and Real Time Communication.


Highly qualified php professionals


successfully delivered projects


years of experience per team member

For frontend development, we use scss as css extension. Most of time we use ecmaScript-6 for javascript. We use Vuejs for frontend user interface and axio for ajax. We use webpack for compiling javascript and scss.


Highly qualified sass professionals


successfully delivered projects


years of experience per team member

Develop powerful, highly usable mobile apps that solve business problems, attract users, and reinforce your brand. We build native, hybrid, and cross-platform apps that run on all major operating systems such as Android.


Highly qualified android professionals


successfully delivered projects


years of experience per team member

Most of the time we suggest client to choose Vuejs for frontend user interface, click to see the complete reason.. We use EcmaScript-6 for object oriented approach coding javascript. We use gulp or webpack for compiling javascript.


Highly qualified javascript professionals


successfully delivered projects


years of experience per team member


MIcrodreamIT gives you the tools to help run every Step To Success of your business.

Cloud application development

MicroDreamIT has expertise developing cloud application using Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Rackspace, Redis, Pusher, Beanstalkd etc. We help our customer increase capacity in cheap cost to acheive high-performance computing.

eCommerce Development

MicroDreamIT has experienced over 7 years developed 500+ eCommerce websites. We are highly process oriented and work very closely with the client developing custom eCommerce, Magento2, Shopify, PrestaShop, wooCommerce websites.

Management Software

MicroDreamIT provides tailored solution for advance web, Result-driven software. Whether it's HRM, Sell management, Accounting, School management, Hospital management or inventory management. We carefully craft them 100% your business oriented.

Development Center

Tell us about your project, interview your new team to make sure they are good for your project. Control everything directly using SVN, Jire. I will give you daily report of the development and time for adjustment.

our clients

We care our honourable client with respect and commitment. You can check our reviews in social platform and marketplaces. We have covered clients in garments, telecomunication, schools, fashion, and retail industries.


It won't scale if it's not designed to scale.

The Way we Develop

From our experience, people try to find cheap development cost and no-Matter-What the structure is. We provide scalability in cheap price but it comes at a price at least. Scaling web app and performance is a definition of High Availability(HA), whether its a database query, assets delivering, or millions of request handle per second. We structure scalable we application and service.

Scaling Up Vs Scaling Out

Scaling out is considered more important as commodity hardware is cheaper compared to cost of special configuration hardware (super computer). But increasing the number of requests that an application can handle on a single commodity hardware box is also important.

Response Time Vs Scalability

Response time and Scalability don’t aways go together i.e. application might have acceptable response times but can not handle more than certain number of requests or application is handle increasing number of requests but has poor or long response times.

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