Inventory Management Software


Organize all your product in different warehouses and transfer them from one to another when necessary.


Organize your purchases and expenses. Our software deal with accounting and gives you reports whether in FiFo, LiFo or Average Costing methods.


Use barcode to fetch every product from database in a second. No more pen and paper to find where it is. Our software gives you comfort in sales or purchase.


MDIT inventory software gives you three layer of access security. For owners, managers and sells representative.


Just scan products and print invoice for a sell with BARCODE SCANNER. Or, 3 clicks (choose product, finish sale, print invoice) to make a sale.


Software will easily convert your purchase and sell prices if you are using different currencies with supplier and customers.


Send invoice per sells or purchase by one click with all information. Send them by email or print it is up to you.


Create quotation for both suppliers and customers, send them email or print. Use that that quotation to make a sell later.

Online or Offline

Setup our inventory management either online or offline according to your needs. We can set it up in vps, shared or dedicated system.


Hire our Dedicate team with confidence

We are here to minimize your effort and redesign your business if you not satisfied with your existing system. We also integrate payroll with your inventory management system to generate total business report. We can build according to your choice and terms, helping you automate your business.

After sells service

  • Free training is available for the company employees to learn how to use the software with ease.
  • Detail USER MANUAL will be provided.
  • Online security will be taken care of by MicroDreamIT technical team.
  • Future updates and modifications are available.


MicroDreamIT inventory management software is one of the best flexible system I have ever used. Very much user friendly, interactive and customizable. Saumitra

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