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Assouka telecom is a marketplace from where you can get your most choiceable package. From the very beginning it captured the marketplace as well as the customer through their service and dedication. Their first priority is to serve the potential customer also the existing customer according to their needs. During their operation they are gradually grabbing the leading position in the France telecommunication market. The employee believes in their innovation. Not only the France market but also they are running their business all over 30 countries in Africa. The heart concern of Assouka telecom is to satisfy the customer needs. They have a unique dedicated team who are really cordial and obedient for their assigned job. Hope so they can grow faster than any other company in telecommunication sector in France.

How we got the project?

Biidigit is well renowned company and for that we got the contact through bidding. When we got the project the Project coordinator was Goran. It was challenging to get the project because there were so many competitors. But through the long conversation and convincing we succeeded. The project value was 28000 euro but at last we can get it 22000 euro.

What is the speciality of Assouka telecom?

Every organization have some values and exceptional service to be different from others. According to this, Assouka telecom have some specialties to attract there customers. The most powerful thing is that the dedicated young and energetic team and the personal skills of employees. The employee believes in innovation and always prepares to accept the challenges for dynamic changes in marketplace.
Assouka telecom is developed in Laravel, Vuejes. Its running on 5 server load balanced and stay alone against millions of request.

1. Mobile package
2. User management panel
3. E-commerce
4. Custom CMS and Accounting
5. Inventory Management
6. Auto incurring Subscriptions

How the project is developed?

After getting the project we set up a team for the operation as we complete the project in due time. The length of the project was 8 months. Three productive developers developed the project through hard working. They divided the project into many parts and make a time frame for doing it.

Project Length: 208 days
Project Budget: 22000 €

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